Tennis Bracelet Lab Round Diamonds. 14K gold . ECO2500

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Exceptional Tennis Bracelet

Experience elegance with our high-quality tennis bracelet, featuring top-made brilliants that shine with unparalleled brilliance. 

Superior Craftsmanship: Equipped with a Box catch clasp with hidden safety for a secure and sleek look.

Glamour Guaranteed: Sure to draw compliments wherever you go.

Unmatched Quality Each diamond is meticulously sorted and inspected to ensure the highest standards of sparkle and brilliance.

Designed and Manufactured by Unison Gemstones Ltd: Trust in our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Personalized Service:
Customization Available: Feel free to contact us for any requests for changes or customizations.

Elevate your style with the ultimate blend of luxury and craftsmanship with our

Exquisite tennis bracelet.

More Details

- Length-18cm (7 inches)
- size 1 - 82 brilliants, width - 2.4mm, Diamonds weight- 4ct.
- size 2 - 60 brilliants, width -3mm, Diamonds weight- 6ct
- size 3 - 48 brilliants, width - 3.8mm, Diamonds weight- 9.5ct
- size 4 - 42 brilliants, width - 4.3mm, Diamonds weight- 12.5ct
- size 4 - 38 brilliants, width - 4.8mm, Diamonds weight- 15ct
- size 4 - 36 brilliants, width - 5.2mm, Diamonds weight- 18ct
- Diamond quality G/vs, very good cut. High sparkle and brilliance 
- Gold- 14K,10-25gram
- We can make the bracelet shorter or longer, as required.
- Free shipping
- Prices are ex-factory, local taxes are not included.