Conflict-free diamond Policy

Conflict-free diamond Policy

We maintain a zero tolerance policy regarding conflict diamonds. 

We strictly adhere to the mandates of the Kimberley Process and absolutely do not engage in any business concerning conflict or blood diamonds.

We work only with reputable diamond suppliers who are public affiliates of the global diamond industry and have fully complied with the Kimberley Process.

All of our diamonds are purchased through these legal and legitimate channels and are guaranteed to be conflict free.

We are members of the global diamond industry, and the purchase of a conflict-free, beautiful diamond is our top priority.


Trust & Confidence in Payment Security

The security of our users, sensitive data is of extreme importance to us at and we are 100% committed to protecting it.

We encourage and highly recommend our customers to pay by PayPal. Payment through PayPal is secured at the highest level,

PayPal ensures the customer and the seller from fraud and predictions.
In PayPal transaction both parties are verified and safe.

Direct transfer to our account is possible

If this is your preferred way, let us know by email, our account details will be sent to you , Once the payment has been transferred send us a bank payment confirmation and screenshot of the item you have paid for. Upon recieving the payment in our account (2-3 business days) You will recieve an order confirmation.