D.7.10 Pendant in Silver or Gold.(small)

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.תליון עוטף דוד, סמל לזכרון יום ה 7 באוקטובר

.עיצבתי את התליון מתוך כאב לב על היום הנורא הזה
 מגן דוד חסר צלע, הצלע החסרה מסמלת את החטופים שנקרעו מעמם ומארצם.
גודל התליון 24*17 ממ

A Star of David pendant, a symbol of October 7 remembrance
I designed the pendant out of heartache over this terrible day
Star of David without one rib, the missing rib symbolizes the abductees who were torn from their people and their land.
The size of the pendant is 24*17 mm.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer free shipping on this piece of jewelry
Most of the profits from this jewel are dedicated to the purchase of equipment for reserve units.

More Details

- Gold 14K white or Yellow.
- Silver- white or Yellow by Gold coating.

- Chain length -45/50/55 cm (please make a note for the prefered length). Most common 50 cm