June 03, 2022

Gold - Brief information you want to know about gold

By Ohad Oran
Gold - Brief information you want to know about gold
Gold, throughout human history, has been valued and coveted more than any other metal, and to this day, gold is used as the best financial security. Women crave gold jewelry.


 Gold is a metallic chemical element that has a chemical symbol  "Au" (Latin, aurum) does not tend to chemically bond to other elements and can therefore be found in nature in its pure form. Hence its nickname "Noble metal". It does not mix with ordinary people. And its resistance to corrosion reaction with acids or bases. Gold is easy to process and always shiny. Because this features and the characteristic luster of gold gave it a special status and social symbol through its adornment and many other ceremonial uses.

Gold Trivia

  • 11.5 trillion us$ - the value of all gold in the world (November 2021).
  • 19.32 grams per cc - specific gravity.
  • 1 troy ounces = 31.1 g. A special unit of weight for precious metals.
  • 1,064 degrees Celsius - the melting temperature of gold
  • 66 km. - The length to which one gram of gold can be stretched (in the plate)
  • South Africa - is the primary source (about two-thirds) of gold in the world.
  • Isaac Newton - Link the pound sterling to the gold trade. Thus began the era in which coins were tied to the amount of gold each country had.
  • 1971 - The year in which the President of the United States, Richard Nixon, abolished the dollar's peg to gold.
  • 1 ton of soil - the amount of dirt needed to find 1-5 grams of gold.

A bit of history

Gold has been known to man since ancient times and is probably one of the first metals that man used. There is a number of evidence for its ancient use, including written inscriptions from Khartoum from 2600 BC and additional evidence from geographical areas rich in gold.
Gold is mentioned in the Bible at the beginning of the book of Genesis. Many of the sacred vessels were made of gold. The Book of Exodus mentions the golden calf that the children of Israel built at the foot of Mount Sinai.
In Greek mythology, there are several stories that tell about gold in different contexts:
King of Midas with the golden touch.
The story of the golden fleece
Wounded gods, their blood was magical gold that solidified very quickly.
The Golden Aphrodite - was the extended name of the goddess of love and beauty.
In Inca culture, gold was considered the "sweat of the sun." The Aztecs used to sculpt various figures in gold and make jewelry for the priests.
Gold, glittering, is considered throughout history to be one of the most precious metals. It is a symbol of wealth, power, royalty, nobility, and more.
During a period of the gold rush in the 19th century, gold mining discoveries around the world led to mass migrations of adventurers who hoped for rapid enrichment. The most famous was that of California in 1849. Also known in Alaska, where a film depicting the period was produced. They were also in South Africa and Australia. These migrations during the gold rush changed the face of the United States and several other places in the world that were focal points for gold mining. Moreover, these migrations influenced the political-demographic-economic shaping of the world. Their influence is very noticeable to this day.
Gold has been, throughout history and to this day, a reliable commodity and has been a refuge for people in fear of changes in global markets, so they invest in gold with the expectation that its price is generally stable. The price of gold rises when there is a fear of a financial crisis, currency depreciation, instability in world stock markets, and in times of war.


What are the uses of gold?

  • Jewelry - the primary use of gold.
  • Electronics - printed circuits and motherboards in computers.
  • Sports - First place trophies and medals in Olympic competitions are traditionally made of gold.
  • Dentistry - Production of dental crowns in dentistry.
  • Food - Gold leaf and gold powder are used as a decorative addition in gourmet foods and in several spirits. Gold leaves are edible on ice cream.
  • Art - Gold leaves and gold powder are used in paintings.
  • Religious Rituals - Gold leaves are used to express worship in some religions. The golden leaves are placed on the statue representing a particular god.
  • Fashion - Gold threads are used in various clothes, especially in luxury clothes or clothes with a religious connection.
  • Trade - Gold is used as a credit guarantee in most central banks in the world. There are countries where gold is used as a money reserve for emergencies.

In conclusion, gold was discovered two thousand years ago, and since then, its value and passion have not decreased. Gold has excellent physical properties, does not rust, does not oxidize, is shiny in any condition, and is soft and easy to process. All attempts by the alchemists to find a replacement for gold, failed. Gold has no competitor to the symbol of wealth, strength, stability, brilliance and value.

"Everything has its limit – iron ore cannot be educated into gold."

         Mark Twain


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